95 Girls in Blue at the Gatorade Triathlon


This weekend, a sea of Loreto blue stormed the beaches of St Kilda for the Gatorade Triathlon where 95 Loreto Toorak students swam, rode and ran to the finish lines with smiles on their faces.

Across Term 1, students have been participating in a specialist program, giving up many a morning, lunchtime and evening to train in the skills of Triathlon. Sunday provided an opportunity to test those skills, with 54 Rathfarnham students and 41 senior students registering for a challenging day in the water and on the road.

Below is a list of some of our outstanding results:

  • Teagan Burn F 15-19yrs – 1st place Sprint Distance (750m swim/26.7km ride/5km run)
  • Annabel Yates and Mia Ansett – 2nd Active Feet Team Tri (300m swim/13km bike/3km run)
  • Emily Belcher  - 3rd F 15-17yrs Active Feet individual tri (300m swim/13km bike/3km run)
  • Gretel McKenzie – 5th F 12-14 yrs. Active Feet Individual Tri
  • Eleanor Brown – 5th F 15-17 yrs. Active Feet Individual Tri
  • Ellie Ansett – 7th F 15-17yrs. Active Feet Individual Tri
  • Lauren Silke and Charlotte Blazevic  - 5th in the Team Active Feet Tri
  • Katie Leishman, Kaitlin Pignataro, Mia Lennon – 6th in the Team Active Feet Tri
  • Isabel Duggan, Sophie Varis, Indianna Stubbings  - 7th in the Team Active Feet Tri

We congratulate every student who trained and participated in this program, the spirit and enthusiasm of each is to be commended.


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