Loreto in the Media


Date Publication Title Link
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01 Jun 2014 The Age Social Justice at Heart of Loreto Values Download
07 May 2014 The Weekly Review School Ties Download
27 Apr 2014 The Age Having Faith in Catholic Education Download
08 Apr 2014 Stonnington Leader What a Fine Team of Nine Download
25 Mar 2014 Stonnington Leader Champs Push Athletics Download
12 Mar 2014 The Weekly Review School Captain's Blog Download
11 Mar 2014 Knox Leader Reaching for the Sky Download
11 Feb 2014 Stonnington Leader Loreto Celebrates Download
28 Jan 2014 Stonnington Leader No Shrinking Violet with this Teacher  Download 
18 Dec 2013 The Age High Scores the Art of the Matter Download
10 Dec 2013 Stonnington Leader Art That Belongs Download