A Farewell to an Old Friend


As we welcome our students and their families to a fresh and bright year at Loreto Toorak, we also say goodbye to old friends. It was with fond memories that we witnessed the passing of the Moreton Bay Fig that provided shelter, shade and the subject of many a dream for generations of students at Rathfarnham.

After an assessment from Stonnington Council and Heritage Victoria, an arborist report ordered that the tree, located in the forecourt before Sr Toni Matha Hall, was too dangerous to remain in place and should be removed for the safety of the community over the summer break.

The tree, which was likely planted by landscape architect and designer Edward Latrobe Batemen in the late 1860’s, is the subject of many treasured recollections from students both present and past and a commemorative photograph will be hung in Rathfarnham to honour the place it has held in our hearts. The Leadership Team and the School Council are taking their time to investigate and plan an alternative for the space.


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