Past Pupils' Association

The Past Pupils' Association (PPA) was established in 1929, with the aim to provide regular opportunities for social interaction and support through this energetic and proactive volunteer community group.

The PPA is also actively involved in fundraising and social justice issues. They coordinate their own spiritual retreats, hold an Annual Mass and consistently support the values of Mary Ward. Furthermore, they annually assist towards scholarships.

PPA Committee Office Bearers 2020

Rosannah Healy (2001)  President 
Emily Russell (2007) Vice President 
Liz Papapetrou (2015)  Vice President 
Emily Rodrigo (2014) Secretary
Megan Dwyer (1985)                            Treasurer
Annabel Cornfoot (1993) Assistant Treasurer

PPA Committee Ordinary Members 2020

Madeleine Tehan (2013)
Liz Parker (1972)
Amelia Harrison (2009)
Lauren Grant (2018)
Jane Nathan (1967)
Jane Tongs (1977)
Claire Girardi (1977)
Amelia Grossi (2017)
India Marks (2016)
Emma Wright-Smith (2016)
Sr Anne Byrne (1951)