Girls in the Quarry

This photograph by Australian artist Tamara Dean captures a moment of youthful play. 

The bush scene itself is a symbol of escapism, away from the constraints of everyday life. The discarded quarry has become an obstacle playground of rocks and cool water. The warm colours of brown and ochre mix with the diminishing sunset of yellow, dusty pinks and blue. It is a calm place. The girls experience a moment of distracted bliss and are gently reminded of the soothing power of nature. 

“A tight knit group of teenage girls from regional south-western Victoria hang out at a local quarry, a place where local teens go to cool off in the heat of summer. I photographed these girls in a number of locations and was struck by their fearless, playful and adventurous spirit. This photographic series explores the relationship between young people and nature in contemporary regional life. Their strong sense of adventure and freedom indicative of growing up on the land.” 
Tamara Dean 

Girls in the Quarry, 2017
An archival pigment print on rag paper
Original photograph 44 x 59 cm

Tamara Dean is represented by Michael Reid Sydney and Berlin

Made with the support of the Wired Lad