Voice and Speech 

Voice and Speech is offered to students in Years 5 - 12 and provides opportunity to develop oral communication skills in an engaging and supportive environment. The overall aim is to produce confident, articulate young women with highly developed interpersonal and presentation skills.  
The small group classes specifically cater for the interests of the individual, whilst promoting interaction and communication. The classes also develop a love and appreciation of various forms of literature, from verse to prose. This enhances clarity of speech and a pleasant, unstrained vocal tone which assists in developing public speaking skills and strategies.  
Voice and Speech includes the following performance opportunities for our girls:  

  • Year 7 - 8 Voice and Speech Performance Evening 
  • “Lend us your Ears” Oak Parlour Showcase (Verse, Prose and Music from Years 7 - 11) 
  • Eisteddfod by the Bay 
  • Boroondara Eisteddfod 
  • AMEB examinations in Speech and Drama