And The Winner Is...PAF Results

Friday 21 February 2020

With great joy and excitement, we celebrate the results of the 2020 Performing Arts Festival. This morning the Loreto Toorak community acknowledged the outstanding display of dance, drama, production, design, instrumental and choral elements created by our students at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre last night. Congratulations to the winners in each of the PAF section and our overall PAF winning House.

Choral - Ward
Drama - Mulhall
Design - Ward
Instrumental - Barry
Production - Mornane
Choreography - Mulhall

Overall Winner - Ward

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Mornane's Prison Escape
Inside the harsh confines of Mornane Women's Correctional Prison, are three prisoners desperate to see the light of day outside the isolating prison. The three prisoners are Rosalind, who is a wrongly convicted prisoner that is eager to be freed, Penelope, the ditsy and materialistic blonde, and Axel, a brute mother desperate to return to her children. Together these three prisoners establish a plan to escape, with the help of the other convicts stuck in the prison.

Occurring at the same time, the new guard, Viola has arrived at the prison, catching the attention of the male guards. She is the first female guard at the prison, so is faced with misogyny and patronizing attitudes from the other male guards. Whilst the prisoners are escaping, Viola is also escaping the sexism that surrounds her with the help of the head of the ASIO, Leia. Can the characters escape from their enclosing environments?

Inside Mulhall's Television
Set in a dystopian world, the government have slowly taken away the world's freedom, abolishing a televisions, newspapers and anything else they deem a threat to society. Two scientists are assigned to demolish an old 60's television which accidentally leads to them discover a series of television shows from the 1960's. These shows lead them to rediscover themselves and the world which they realise may not be what it seems...

Ward's Mysterious Affair
From F. Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby, to The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie from extravagant parties to suffragette movements, from jazz clubs to wall street. Ward brings you a celebration of 100 years since the roaring twenties as the narrator navigates their memory of 1920 in an attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance of Winifred J Ward.

The narrator investigates the testimonies of all the suspects, to try to get to the bottom of what really happened the night Winnie went missing. In order to solve this case before our time on stage is up, it is vital you pay attention to what is happening on stage, especially the narrator.

Barry's Lost Island
The controversial news reporter John Barry accompanied by his beloved kids, Abbie and Liam, are having a boat day when they are swept up by a storm and are transported to a highly polluted and island, MorWardHall. They witness the first hand effects of human pollution on the environment and animals.

The island known for its cleanliness and picturesque views is deteriorating in front of their eyes and this comes to the realisation of the main characters. It urges them to bring the current issue of pollution to the world's attention and make an essential change.


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