ASX Sharemarket Game


This year a large number of keen students formed syndicates to play the ASX Schools Sharemarket Game, with almost 100 students participating in Game 2. While the majority of students were Year 10 Business students, there were also many teams from Years 7-11.

Students enjoyed the challenge of investing their virtual $50,000 over the 10 week period, riding the sharemarket roller coaster over this time. Mr Trump's tweets, gloomy domestic and global economic data, company news and the profit reporting period kept everyone on their toes.

In all, 16,807 syndicates played Game 2 across Australia and New Zealand, with 53% of syndicates in profit at the close of the game. At Loreto Toorak, 66% of our syndicates ended in profit.

Competing against 29 Loreto Toorak syndicates, our 1st- to 3rd placed teams were:

1st: Eliza Simpson & Greta Wernli with a very impressive portfolio value of $59,159. This team ranked 16th in Victoria and 55th across Australia/New Zealand. Congratulations!

2nd: Sally Bertoncello & Clotilde Latour, with a portfolio valued at $55,665

3rd: Chloe Sinclair, Carli Kendall & Emily Wright with a portfolio valued at $54,522

Congratulations to all the girls who participated in this game.  It is a terrific simulation game that is both educational and fun!

Mrs Marg Wilson

Here are some comments from students, including our winning syndicate:

We learnt from the share market game that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. We learnt how to spot trends within shares and how to risk assess a share. We both enjoyed the prediction element and the research that went into selecting a share, especially when it turned out that we were right! Our strategies were to pick growth shares. We often did this by researching the market (i.e. retail is dying so we did not invest in any retailers).  We also knew we had to focus our investment on the short-term (given the time frame of the game) so we were investing for capital growth only.

- Eliza Simpson & Greta Wernli

The ASX game has been a valuable learning experience for me, I've really enjoyed watching the value of our stock portfolio change every day and I've learnt some valuable lessons about the share market. I've learnt that it's important to diversify your investment in shares over a number of different industries so that if one market, for example gold, isn't doing well you're still earning money from other industries eg: Tech stocks. Having a partner in the game has also been great as we've been able to strategize with each other and think carefully about what we chose to invest in.

- Chloe Millionis

The Australian Share Market Game was a challenge to begin with, but it was the challenge we rose to as we were logging in each ‘business' day at 10am and monitoring our stocks closely until ‘close of business' at 4pm. The share market news and data had us all constantly enthralled as we tried our best to make decisions that would result in our team skyrocketing to the top of the leader board. Not only was this activity a great educational resource, it was also entertaining and enjoyable. It promoted teamwork and communication, and some healthy competition within our syndicates and business classes. I have learnt so much about how the share market affects us and the world around us and similarly how the world around us affects the share market.

- Eliza Galimberti


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