Ben Crowe Ignites Positive Thinking During Pastoral Lesson

The ‘new normal’ in this COVID-19 world has challenged many of us to develop and consistently draw on skills of resilience, positive mindset, adaptability, focus and mindfulness in a world that is currently filled with uncertainty, risk, fear and anxiety.

Following his visit to Loreto Toorak in April 2019, and his time for our community in our Remote Learning 1.0, mindset coach Ben Crowe generously offered his time again, this time especially for our Year 12 students, in an offer of vulnerability to share the true power of acceptance in these times.

On Tuesday 18 August, Ben, along with over 150 staff and Year 12 students, gathered on Microsoft Teams to discuss our ‘Courage Mantra’ and to work on our ‘A Game’. Ben’s philosophy of helping us to open up, in curiosity and vulnerability with ourselves and others, asked staff and students to answer the following questions:

“How do I act when I am afraid, nervous or anxious?’
“Where do I shrink or play small?”
“What would help me to stand my ground and go forward courageously, despite fear, shame or comparison?”

As so many of us do, Ben showed us the detriment of when we attach our self-worth to external validation, when actually, we allow ourselves to be our most authentic selves when we reclaim who we are, fundamentally and unconditionally.

In such a vulnerable time for our Year 12 students, the positive energy that was ignited from Ben’s session was incredible:

 “Ben was a source of inspiration. His wisdom on prioritising the "controllable" and not worrying about the "uncontrollable" was a terrific message and he reassured us that the global pandemic is no reason to halt our positivity and let our growth mindsets diminish, rather to reflect on our time at home as an opportunity to better ourselves and become resilient young women.” (Mia O'Callaghan Year 12 Student & School Captain)

"Ben Crowe’s presentation was incredibly interesting and eye-opening. Particularly considering the fact that we are approaching our final weeks of classes, his continual reminder of focusing on our decisions rather than our conditions was both insightful and extremely applicable to our atypical situation. I also found that his explanation of how distractions can impede achieving our full was very pertinent to the current climate of our cohort. This session has ultimately encouraged me to be more aware of how I engage in my daily studies."  (Francesca Zappia Year 12 Student and School Captain)

I asked Ben Crowe “In the context of the people with whom you work, what is the one thing you observe that most determines whether they bring their A game?”. Ben spoke from the heart about the decisions we make affect our confidence rather than the environmental conditions. Like Ash Barty, if I act in accordance to my authentic self, I am more likely to grow in these uncertain times. (Ruby Richardson Year 12 Student)


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