Congratulations to our National Finalists

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Alexandra Sim (Year 9), Clare Tuckwell (Year 8) and Eleanor Yip (Year 7) on reaching the National Finals of the UN Voice of Youth Public Speaking Competition. These students had to present not once, but twice - delivering two entirely different speeches on current local, national or global issues, and then answer questions about their proposed solutions for solving the problem.

We asked the girls to reflect on the experience and this is what they had to say:

Alexandra Sim (Year 9)

This was my first time ever competing in a competition such as this. Throughout the course of this experience I discovered much about myself and the world that surrounds us. I didn’t just learn about how to properly research and present a speech but how to do so in less than ideal situations. I am very glad to have had this opportunity for it has allowed me to grow in confidence and expand my knowledge of the real-world issues.

Clare Tuckwell  (Year 8)

"This competition was a wonderful chance for me to explore issues in society today and come up with possible solutions for them. As well as this, it was great to get feedback from people on how I can better improve my skills in the area of public speaking."

Eleanor Yip (Year 7)

"This experience was very new to me having never experienced any competition online before! I had to practice many times where to look (at the camera) and how to present my body language so that it would be in the range of the camera. This experience truly helped me boost my confidence when presenting a speech and also opened me up to many world-wide problems affecting everyone right now. The research and speechwriting was a very fruitful and valuable journey."


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