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Following Loreto Toorak's success at the GSV Swimming and Diving Teams competed in the Championships Division One Carnival, our top 10 fastest swimmers and girls with the highest dive scores were selected to swim and dive in the GSV Finals on Tuesday 27 March.

Loreto Toorak performed incredibly well, achieving 2nd place overall, including 10 Gold, 5 Silver, and 6 Bronze medals.

Highlights are recorded below:


Name Event   Place 
Remy Duane 50M Breaststroke Y7   3rd
  50M Freestyle Y7   9th
Jessica Haintz 50M Breaststroke Y7   8th
  50M Backstroke Y7   8th
Dominique Moloney 100M Freestyke Y7-8   1st
  50M Breaststroke Y8   2nd
  50M Freestyle Y8   1st
Edie Noble 50M Breaststroke Y8   4th
Jenny Cui 50M Butterfly Y9   3rd
  50M Freestyle Y9   5th
Olivia Lefoe 100M Freestyle Y9-10   1st
  50M Freestyle Y9   1st
  50M Backstroke Y9   1st
Alex Rapkins 50M Butterfly Y10   8th
  50M Freestyle Y10   6th
Dominique Hart 100M Freestyle Y11-12   2nd
  50M Butterfly Y11   4th
  50M Freestyle Y11   7th
Grace Hyslop 50M Breaststroke Y11   6th
  50M Freestyle Y11   9th
  50M Backstroke Y11   3rd
Emily Waring 50M Breaststroke Y11   4th
  50M Freestyle Y11   2nd
  50M Backstroke Y11   2nd
4x50m Medley Y7 Relay     1st
Jessica Haintz, Remy Duane, Hannah Pettenon, Poppy Phillips  
4x50m Medley Y8 Relay     1st
Eliza Dougherty, Edie Noble, Dominique Moloney, Rose Jenkins  
4x50m Medley Y9 Relay     3rd
Olivia Lefoe, Madeleine Hill, Jenny Cui, Milla Hyslop    
4x50m Medley Y10 Relay     4th
Alexandra Rapkins, Piper Duane, Madeleine Hooker, Zoe Dobbin  
4x50m Medley Y11 Relay     2nd
Grace Hyslop, Emily Waring, Dominque Hart, Emily Belcher  
4x50m Freestyle Y7 Relay     3rd
Remy Duane, Jessica Haintz, Poppy Phillips, Stephanie Bare  
4x50m Freestyle Y8 Relay     1st
Dominique Moloney, Edie Noble, Rose Jenkins, Isobel Thompson  
4x50m Freestyle Y9 Relay     1st
Olivia Lefoe, Jenny Cui, Milla Hyslop, Madeleine Hill    
4x50m Freestyle Y10 Relay   5th
Alexandra Rapkins, Piper Duane, Madeleine Hooker, Zoe Dobbin  
4x50m Freestyle Y11 Relay   1st
Emily Waring, Dominique Hart, Elizabeth Jenkins, Grace Hyslop  



Junior – 3rd Jaime Lampard (year 7)

Intermediate – 9th Holly Kenealy (year 9)


Coaches (Swimming & Diving)

Ryan McRoberts

Dean Murphy

Lauren McLaverty

Julie Jansz

Ellie Jaensch

Catherine Ives

Jenna Ward


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