Happy Week & Feast Day 2019


 Welcome to #HappyWeek in the lead up to Feast Day!

During Happy Week, all funds raised will go towards a project managed by Mary Ward international Australia (MWIA). MWIA aims to make a difference in community development, education and health in disadvantaged and remote communities globally. It is our great privilege to announce that this year’s Feast Day funds will aid the people of Lukulu, a small and very remote township located in Zambia. The Loreto sisters run two extraordinary initiatives in Lukulu, a baby milk program and a teaching program. Malnutrition in Lukulu is amongst the highest in the world and devastatingly 40% of the children under the age of five have stunted growth. The baby milk program aims to provide milk formula to orphaned babies and for babies whose parents have HIV, as they are unable to be breast fed due to the risk of transmission. As a community, we are very privileged to be blessed with excellent education, resources and opportunities.


The Loreto sisters provide a formal teaching training and financial support to untrained teachers to complete Grade 12 opportunities.  It is imperative that teachers are trained adequately if the students they teach are to grow, learn and flourish and in order to break the cycle of poverty. The funds raised from the generosity of our school community this year will go directly towards funding a vehicle for this community and these projects. There are very few sealed or well–maintained roads in Zambia and driving between townships is unsafe without a reliable vehicle. This will enable these initiatives to further develop and in addition to this, will further support mothers in childbirth, impoverished and disabled children and adults to access specialised treatment, and the elderly who are unable to attend church on their own.


In order to provide a vehicle that would help change the lives of many in Zambia, we aim to raise $35,000- $40,000.  In order to achieve this, we rely heavily on the support on each and every member of our community and ask for your support during the Happy Week period.  In keeping with tradition on Feast Day there will be a school fete where each class from Years 5-12 will organise a stall. We ask that you support this major social justice initiative by allowing your daughter(s) some extra spending money during Happy Week. We ask that each girl spends a minimum of $35.00 on Feast Day.


We would also like to encourage further donations to the cause from our wider school community of parents, staff and friends in order to reach our goal.


If you or members of your family would like to make your own larger donation, please do so here.


We sincerely thank you for your generosity and support of Mary Ward International Australia and their projects. You can read more about the work of MWIA here: http://www.mwia.org.au/


Yours sincerely, 

Isabella Gunn and Eloise Rosengren

Captains of School 2019


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