Human Library - Book Week Special


Our grateful thanks to Alumna and young adult fiction author Fiona Wood (PY 1976) for giving up her time in a very busy Book Week schedule to inspire and challenge our students. In their #HumanLibrary session, students and staff discussed the process of writing, the publishing world, the subtle art of book covers and how to start writing books of their own. Fiona had brought copies of her books, published around the world. In their speedy sessions students asked great questions and received wonderful, tailored advice from Fiona – who knows, maybe we will see some more Loreto authors soon!

Student reflections below:

“I participated in a Human Library session with Fiona Wood. I found the session both insightful and very interesting. I learnt the steps that all authors must take, the different types of planning and the fact that different country's use different book covers and sometimes different titles, a fact that had previously escaped my attention despite my avid reading. I loved hearing about Fiona Woods personal experiences in the world of a writer and I can't wait to attend another session!” Alexandra Sim (Year 9 Student)

“I really enjoyed being able to speak one on one with an author who was able to answer my questions. it was really good to have a chance to learn more about the career of writing.” Alice Tobin (Year 9 Student)


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