Human Library - Francesca Torcasio Barberis (2014)


From studying Zoology to visiting over 30 countries, Francesca Torcasio Barberis (2014) has gone from Loreto Toorak to a United Nations internship in New York with Loreto Ministries. Recently, she flew home from New York with only 18 hours notice. Staff and students were fortunate enough to speak with Francesca this week during the popular Human Library session.

Please student reflections below:

"I found it really interesting and helpful to talk to someone who had gone through school and university and how each opportunity that was presented to her brought her to where she is today. It really inspired me to go for my dreams and take every opportunity that is presented to me, because it could create a chain reaction which really impacts my life and guides me in the right direction. Francesca was overall a really amazing and bubbly person to talk to and I gained a lot of insight from her." Elaina Macleish (Year 10 Student)

"Francesca was a lovely and cheerful person, who offered a very personal and informative insight into her life and journey. Grace, Daniela and I loved hearing about her achievements and how she has finally been able to discover her answer when asked ‘why she wants to pursue work in a specific field?’ She spoke to us of the importance of discovering ‘why’ and encouraged us to not be afraid to take chances and deviate from our initial path."  Elenoire Faiola (Year 12 Student and School Councillor)


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