Human Library - Uyen Ha (Class of 2014)


Human Library – This term the Library have launched a new collection of ‘books’- people with a story to tell. This week Loreto Toorak students got the pleasure to chat with Uyen Ha (Class of 2014). Ha is a  professional Mixed Martial Artist, an advocate for Human Rights and currently completing a double degree in Law (Honours) and International Relations. With so many projects on the go Ha spoke to students about the challenges of balancing training and life and staying focused on achieving her dream goals. 

Human Library - Uyen Ha (Class of 2014) Human Library - Uyen Ha (Class of 2014) (182 KB)

Please see below, student reflection from Year 10 Student Angel Li:

Human library was very enjoyable as I was able to talk with Uyen. We talked about her life, how hard it is to balance out training and life, what pushed her to go through the martial arts path and about university life. I'd say that my highlight of the conversation was how she pushed herself to do something she loved even though there were times she was scared and how in martial arts, she builds trust around her. I sometimes hold back on doing what i want, Uyen has encouraged me to take the path i think I'll enjoy and love. i might pick up martial arts again too!


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