Landing Day 2020


Last week during Religious Education classes students gave thanks to the brave pioneering Loreto Sisters, who arrived in Melbourne on the 19th July 1875, to establish a school in Ballarat. Mother Gonzaga Barry and nine other Loreto Sisters; Aloysius Macken, Gertrude Quinn, Xavier Yourelle, Boniface Volcher, Berchamans Stafford, Dorothea Frizelle, Bruno McCabe, Margaret Mary Hughes and Joseph O’Brien arrived set sail from Plymouth in England on the sailing ship, The Somersetshire and 54 days later docked at Sandridge Pier in Port Melbourne. They spent their first night in Melbourne at the Good Shepherd Convent in Abbotsford before taking the train to Ballarat the following day.

Let us pray in thanks for these brave pioneering Sisters and the legacy they left for others to build upon. When Mother Gonzaga died 105 years ago, Loreto already had begun foundations in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and New South Wales.

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