Loreto Q&A

Senior Politics students had a fantastic night on Monday 4 March at Q&A. Year 11 student Georgie Dole articulated a thought provoking question around a difficult discussion on domestic violence, please see below for Georgie's student reflection:

"On Monday 2 March, 25 students and I attended the live recording of Q&A at the ABC studios. The topic of this episode was Australia's national identity and we were able to witness the important cultural discussion around gender based violence, our past and present treatment of aboriginal people and what it means to be Australian. This insight into the lives and experiences of not only the people on the panel but our audience counterparts was thought provoking and emotional. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask the panel a question and contribute to the discussion. I would like to thank Ms Cri Cri and Mr Rossiter for organising this amazing experience and all of the staff that attended and continue to support us in our endeavours to understand our society."

Well done Georgie we are extremely proud!

Click here to watch the episode.

Georgie Dole asked: As young women, how are we supposed to trust in a nation, a government, a society that celebrated and awarded Bettina Arndt, a woman who praised the comments of a Queensland police officer in the wake of the Hannah Clarke tragedy?


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