Loreto Toorak focus on quality of Sleep for students


Loreto Toorak Mandeville Hall  is raising awareness amongst students and community to reduce phone dependency with the objective to improve the wellbeing of students.

This is in response to a recent wellbeing survey which suggests that senior students in particular are not getting enough sleep as a result of interruptions in the middle of the night from phone messages.

“Lack of sleep has the potential to exacerbate pastoral issues, including anxiety and feelings of nervousness,” as described by Loreto Toorak Principal Dr Susan Stevens who is a graduate in Adolescent Health and Welfare.

“Though a school cannot fix sleep patterns we aim to raise awareness of excessive phone use by implementing a phone free school environment for students between 8 and 3 which we believe this will help change habits, and thus enhance the wellbeing of our students,” Dr Stevens said. Other initiatives to support the program include guest speakers and experts to highlight the importance of sleep to our students and broader community.  

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