Loreto Toorak Launches Human Library

Human Library – Unjudge Somebody. This term the Library have launched a new collection of ‘books’- people with a story to tell. This week, Renuka Kimber (Class of 2003) who co-founded a luxury men’s fashion label and also works for KPMG in Technology spoke to students and Staff about overcoming ‘Imposter Syndrome’, running a fashion brand during COVID-19 and competing in male dominated areas.

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Human Library- Renuka Kimber (Class of 2003) Human Library- Renuka Kimber (Class of 2003) (204 KB)

Read Renuka's story and see below for staff and student reflections:

Kym Maclean - Head of Year 9

During these times of limited opportunities to interact with people outside of our day to day circles, the Human Library is a wonderful opportunity to connect with and learn from others who have had interesting and inspirational life experiences. Being an intelligent, focused and authentic person, Ren has found herself in a broad range of challenging jobs throughout her career.  Delving more deeply in dialogue, she shared her feelings of experiencing ‘imposter syndrome’ and how this has impacted her, as well as how she navigated these feelings to enable her to flourish within her workplace and personal life. It was an impactful 20 minute conversation that inspired admiration, understanding and also personal reflection.

Alessia Morello (Year 7 Student)

Ren talked about the pros and cons of their business during these uncertain times and shared the different aspects that are doing well and not so well. The conversation with her was like 20 minutes of light, she engaged in the business type of ideas that we had, listened to our personal life and what our future holds for us and provided me and my friends with advertising, marketing and design tips. She has now inspired me as Loreto girl to pursue a career in fashion and keep smiling and staying strong during this Global Pandemic.

Anika Keating (Year 7 Student)

Ren talked about how she was going with her business during this pandemic and she has inspired me to keep up the effort in my business and taught us the basics of starting a business. I really enjoyed this because she showed me how to make my business better and how to promote it. It was very interesting and I learnt a lot. 

Chloe Jones ( Year 7 Student)

Yesterday during my chat with Ren Kimber I learnt about her and her husband's business. They have had their ups and downs during this global pandemic and she has inspired me to never give up. Ren helped me realise the job I want to have when I am older. i want to be a fashion designer and have my own clothing line. i enjoyed this conversation and learnt a lot from it. This conversation was definitely life changing. 

Hazel Di Muccio (Year 8 Student)

Ren talked about how sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry and talked to us about some of the things that make her business sustainable. It's interesting to learn about how industries like this are evolving to address environmental and ethical issues that we are now facing. Talking to Ren has inspired me to research further and think about myself as a consumer and look into progressive fashion brands that have a focus on sustainability. 

Clare Tuckwell (Year 8 Student)

During the Human Library session, two of my friends and I met Ren Kimber. This meeting was lead by us asking Ren questions and her answering them, so that we could learn more about her and her role in the fashion industry. I loved this idea, as it allowed us to take the conversation in any way we wanted and in return, to get some really interesting insights into an industry which I had not known much about. During our conversation, we discussed a broad range of topics such as how her business is coping during the COVID-19 crisis, how the weather and fashion seasons affect what clothing styles her business releases across the world and how the fashion industry can look to being more sustainable in the future. I thank the Library Staff for setting up this great new program.

Ella Pennell (Year 8 Student)

Yesterday I met Ren over a Microsoft teams call. I got to ask her questions about her role in both technology and fashion. She spoke about many topics ranging from running a business throughout COVID-19 and how she started in fashion, to year 12 subjects and struggles in school. I loved getting to know Ren, the conversation left me inspired to pursue fashion design and not worry too much about the future. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet Ren and the library staff for setting up this great program. 


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