Loreto Vietnam Prize Draw - Tickets Available


Our Feast Day celebrations could not go ahead this year; this was not only a disappointment for our school community, but also prevented much needed funds being raised for Mary Ward International Australia (MWIA).

MWIA is part of a global IBVM network with the aim of supporting Loreto Sisters and colleagues in their work to transform the lives of people, particularly children, living with disadvantage. For many years, our fundraising efforts during Happy Week and on Feast Day have contributed to projects in South Sudan, Timor-Leste and India. For more information about the projects, please click on this link.

Many in the community will know Sister Trish Franklin ibvm, who formed Loreto Vietnam in 1997 with the primary focus to improve educational outcomes for primary and secondary students. As a way of our community still supporting MWIA this year, we will focus on our traditional “Vietnam Prize Draw” with all funds raised going to Loreto Vietnam.

This term, on their return to school, students were given a ‘welcome back’ package, with a complimentary ticket to the Vietnam Prize Draw. As a way of raising much needed funds for MWIA, additional tickets for the draw will be available for purchase.

We understand that this has been a very difficult time for families, but if you are able to purchase additional tickets and support our fundraising efforts, it would be gratefully received by this very worthy cause. Please click here to purchase tickets for a chance to win some fabulous prizes. Vietnam Prize Draw 

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation direct to MWIA please use the following link. When you donate direct to MWIA you can nominate which project you wish to support.


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