Nominees Announced For Australian Olympic Change-Maker Program.

Congratulations to Grace Taranto (Year 11) and Niamh O’Donoghue (Year 11) who have been nominated for the Australian Olympic Change-Maker Program.

The program celebrates and brings together young leaders who are making a difference in their school or local community. This is a great opportunity to showcase the great work being done by our students and offers a chance for successful applicants to be part of a state-wide forum to connect with Olympians and other students. 
As part of their nomination, students were required to write why they think they demonstrate the Olympic Spirit below are Grace and Niamh's submissions:
“Peter Norman stood in solidarity with John Carlos and Tommie Smith amidst the Civil Rights movement at the 1968 Olympics, regardless of the implications on their careers. When I learnt about that iconic photo and the actions of those three men, I came into contact with the idea of the athlete I look up to, the athlete I am striving to be. Whilst on the Junior Matildas Pacific Island Tour last year, representing Australia, I became injured and wasn’t able to play. Whilst devasting, it gave me a chance to look at the game from a different perspective, to immerse myself in the cultures of the countries I visited and to learn the place and value of sport in communities other than mine. I learnt that true strength comes from the heart and soul, not the muscles alone. Ultimately, the values of the player transcends opponents and the game itself. This is what I bring to every athletic opportunity I receive - I am working to be an athlete who inspires people with this Olympic Spirit - someone who can create environments where anyone with determination, grit and a good attitude can thrive.” Grace Taranto (Year 11 student)

“I believe to demonstrate Olympic spirit it is important to be not only involved in exercise regularly and committed to your sport, but also to encourage others to experience the joy that competing and.practicing a sport can.bring. To demonstrate Olympic spirit, I participate in as much sport as I can and have the privilege of experiencing the pure joy of competing and representing a club or school. The friends, mentors and skills that are gained through sports are unmatched in any other area of life and the bonds you form with people while improving yourself physically and mentally are lifelong. It is for this reason that I dedicate my time to helping others develop their skills. Many.sports, including.Gymnastics, have taught me persistence, dedication and the benefits of hard work which are skills I work to teach young sportsmen and sportswomen when I coach. To coach others in a sport has always been a dream of mine and by helping them explore the world of sport I believe that is demonstrating Olympic Spirit. The world of sport and exercise has brought me so much joy and I think it’s only fitting I can help others experience this for.themselves” Niamh O’Donoghue (Year 11 student)


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