PAF Results 2020, and the winner is...

With great joy and excitement, we celebrate the results of the 2020 Performing Arts Festival. This morning the Loreto Toorak community acknowledged the outstanding display of dance, drama, production, design, instrumental and choral elements created by our students at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre last night. Congratulations to the winners in each of the PAF section and our overall PAF winning House. More information to follow next week.

Choral - Ward
Drama - Mulhall
Design - Ward
Instrumental - Barry
Production - Mornane
Choreography - Mulhall

Overall Winner - Ward

PAF Section Winners and Leaders

Barry - Francesca Apolloni, Danielle Mitchell
Mornane - Millicent McGrath, Lucy Vickers-Willis
Ward - Elizabeth Ives, Ashlea Rigney
Mulhall - Martha Evans, Chloe Kfouri

Barry - Sophie Nguyen
Mulhall - Clarisse Dinh
Mornane - Isabella McGregor
Ward - Irene Popan

Barry - Maryrose Johnson, Renee Zafiropoulos
Mulhall - Paige Kokoras, Eliza Simpson
Mornane - Ella Breene, Piper van Echteld
Ward - Sophie Noonan, Mary Cullinan

Barry - Celeste Crivelli, Georgia Flannigan, Madeleine Hill, Sophie Kennedy
Mulhall - Isabella Cortez, Sarah Costa, Grace Strong, McKenzie Venus
Mornane - Sally Bertoncello, Olivia Budkiewicz, Sophie Macaw, Piper van Echteld
Ward - Sky Austin, Alice Dodd, Eliza Galimberti, Coco Prentice

Barry - Mabel Avery Holly Kenealy Sophie Logan Phoebe Lovell, Stephanie Marinos, Amelie Nash, Gabrielle Pettenon, Lexi Picciani
Mulhall - Matilda Appleby, Liberty Armsby, Isabella Blackney, Sabrina Collie, Madeleine Hume, Olivia Lefoe, Mia Ooi, Madeleine Piscopo
Mornane - Georgia Court, Georgie Dole, Kate Flanagan, Lily Kelsey, Niamh O'Donoghue, Julia Sweeney, Chloe Vincent, Sophie Warrington
Ward - Mary Cullinan, Amelie Edwards, Tia Fargher, Indi Japp, Clotilde Latour, Charlee Martin, Chloe Sinclair, Elizabeth Sutton

Barry - Ashleigh Archer, Chloe Lochhead
Mulhall - Emma Balmforth, Yong Hao Li
Mornane - Carli Kendall, Athena Yin
Ward - Matilda Garvey, Roisin Mitchell


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