Premier's VCE Awards

On Wednesday 29 April 2020, the VCAA announced the recipients of the prestigious Premier's VCE Awards, recognising the top performing students in the state for their outstanding achievement. Loreto Toorak students have been awarded seven Premier's VCE Awards, which is an outstanding result and testament to our excellent VCE Results from 2019.

We congratulate the following girls and their teachers which confirms their place amongst the best in the state in their respective subjects. Their remarkable achievements are worth recognising and celebrating because they are the result of incredible passion, perseverance and diligence.

Caitlin Chiam, History Revolutions - Teacher: Paul Rossiter
Charlotte Conroy, Australian Politics - Teacher: Michelle McCarty
Elenoire Faiola (Year 11), Italian - Teacher: Caterina Chng
Tallulah Frigo, Business Management - Teacher: Kate Barbar
Isabella Gunn, English - Teacher: Anne Bennett
Anna Pantazis, English - Teacher: Anne Bennett
Adele Rafaniello (Year 11), Dance - Stonnington School of Dance


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