Walk for Education


Our fifth Annual Walk for Education is on Wednesday 12 December 2018 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at Albert Park Lake walking track.

We are doing a two hour walk to raise money to buy bikes for underprivileged children in Vietnam to get to school. The two hour time frame has been set so as to put into perspective how far some kids are walking to and from school every day. To be eligible to receive a bike, the family of the child must have a combined income of less than $40 per month. 

Profectus is once again partnering with the Loreto Vietnam to make this happen. Loreto Vietnam is a registered International Non-Government Organisation (INGO) that commenced in 1997 and whose mission is simple: To inspire and empower underprivileged and disabled children to be gifted with the right to education and qualitative learning. It’s not just about helping a small number of children in isolation, it’s about lifting the standard of living for the immediate family as well as the wider community in general.


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