Year 7 Students Give Back to the Community

Loreto Toorak commends Year 7 Students Gigi Menegazzo, Gloria Quan and Lucinda Rey who so generously gave up their time to give back to the community. The girls volunteered to collect rubbish in their local area last week as part of the Spring Clean Your Patch initiative. We were thrilled to see that their act of kindness made it on the Channel 10 news!

Student reflections below:

"My experience was really good because it taught me about how much litter is lying around and that we could help out the environment so it won't hurt other animals and make more pollution" Gigi Year 7

"The experience was amazing, it was sad to see how much rubbish there was, but great that we have picked them up and helped the environment." Gloria Year 7

"The experience was great, we found a lot of rubbish at Victoria Gardens and it's good to know we helped and took a step further to save our planet." Lucinda Year 7


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