St George's Project

March 2021 update

The Topping Out of the St George’s Redevelopment Project was celebrated recently. Topping out ceremonies are a time-honoured tradition that signify the successful completion of the structural phase of a project. Traditionally, the ceremony involves placing an evergreen tree upon the new structure to symbolise growth and bring good luck. The tree will then be planted as part of the project.

Celebrating this project milestone is (L-R) Tim Rowler - Business Manager, Gerard Dalbosco - Chair of the Board, Matthew Vaughan - Director Vaughan Constructions, Andrew Noble - Managing Director Vaughan Constructions, Dr Susan Stevens - Principal, Angela O’Dwyer - Executive Deputy Principal, Peter Higgins - Chair of Property Committee, John Lincoln - Property Committee, Séamus Scorgie – Deputy Principal - Studies.

February 2021 update

Read the Vision of John Sprunt Principal of Architectus Melbourne 

St George's Development St George's Development (4547 KB)

There has been significant progress on the site of the old St George’s Building. The new building has been under construction for just over 12 months and during the Christmas period it began to take shape as it emerged from the ground. A time lapse of the works undertaken to date, including the demolition, is available below.

Towards the end of last year the ground floor was completed as were the basement levels B1,B2 and B3. Over the next month the base structure of the building will be finalised and the final part of the tunnel will be excavated. This tunnel will join the Mandeville Centre carpark to the new building basement and provide access to vehicles without an additional entrance or traffic to Clendon Road. These works are scheduled to be completed over the last weekend in February to minimise noise and disruption for our students. The scheduling of works around important events including exams has been a key part of planning for the School and our builder Vaughan Constructions.

During the construction of the base structure, work has continued on the internal design and all significant design elements have been completed. The design work follows workshops undertaken with students, staff and parents during 2019 and 2020 with the key theme of ‘equity of experience’ chosen as the focus.

The School has also received the required permits to complete the project including Town Planning, Building Permits and Heritage Permits. Further updates and information regarding the project will be available via the School Portal.

St George's Project Timelapse from Loreto Toorak on Vimeo.