Early Learning

The Discovery They Need

Our integrated, play-centered programs are influenced by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy as well as Gardner’s concepts of Multiple Intelligences. These offer children the opportunity to discover and explore, to question and predict, to wonder, imagine and dream.

The National Early Years Learning Framework (NEYLF) and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) inspire our conversations, by providing a common learning language among children, their families, the broader community and early childhood educators. These influences provide a lens when viewing our curriculum, ensuring its relevance to our local community and our early childhood setting.

Emphasis is placed upon the value of respect for self, others and the environment; developing a strong, positive self-image while understanding the rights and feelings of others. The growing partnership between parents, teachers and the child fosters the relationship between the home and the educational learning setting.

Our Early Learning Centre immerses the child in the philosophy that learning is a lifelong journey, with links to further education at both Loreto Toorak and St Kevin’s College.


St Peter's Early Learning Centre

2018 Fee Schedule - St Peter's ELC 2018 Fee Schedule - St Peter's ELC (82 KB)

To apply, please complete the attached Application Form and return it to admissions@loretotoorak.vic.edu.au