Our Values

The Mission and Vision of our school is clearly enunciated in the Loreto Schools of Australia Mission Statement Document, a foundational document for all Loreto Schools. Our Mission Statement is values-based and framed around an equal commitment to the pursuit of justice, verity, sincerity, felicity and freedom alongside academic excellence. 

This is our vision: that Loreto schools offer a Catholic education which liberates, empowers and motivates students to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service.

Our goal is to foster in each student the foundation for a strong, mature faith – in God, in herself and in life. These foundations will provide a vibrant core of values and beliefs that will stand her in good stead to face and, indeed, to embrace all the challenges, the joys and the adventures that lie ahead in life.

The tradition in which we stand is one that is proudly and confidently committed to an education of the whole child, both heart and mind, and based on a strong set of Loreto values.

These lie at the heart of all our endeavours. We embrace genuine values of freedom, justice, sincerity, verity and felicity. Through these values, we foster a mutual respect and deep understanding of the individual, and a compassion for the broader community. Living with sincerity was something Mary Ward always envisaged. Her ideal was that “we should be such as we appear and appear such as we are”.


The qualities of freedom, justice and sincerity are at the core of Mary Ward’s spirit. Her understanding of freedom was grounded in her sense of personal relationship with God. Her belief was that each one of us, in our ordinary experience of life, has access to God’s loving care. This is the truth that sets us free. It is an inner freedom, accepting of self, open to others and trusting of life.


Justice, as Mary Ward describes it, involves personal integrity based on a harmonious relationship with God, other people and with the whole of creation. It is expressed through “works of justice” that aspire to bring about such harmony.


Living with sincerity was something Mary Ward always envisaged. Her ideal was that “we should be such as we appear and appear such as we are”.


Closely linked to sincerity is Mary Ward’s concept of verity. For Mary, this meant having integrity and truth, particularly the truth of who we are and what gives meaning to our lives. A truth that centres fundamentally on the mystery of God.


Felicity is an attitude of mind, a disposition of the heart which manifests itself in cheerfulness, good humour, joy, happiness, hope, optimism, friendliness, courtesy, positive thinking, inner peace, self-acceptance and courage.