There are many Clubs and Extension opportunities for students as part of Programs at Loreto Toorak. Currently, students can participate in a variety of Clubs each week which include Humanities, Social Justice, Chess and Book Clubs. Loreto Academy and Loreto X Programs are extension opportunities for students that foster a love of learning. Programs including da Vinci Decathlon and Physics Academy provide opportunity for students to extend and enrich their classroom learning.  

Language Enrichment

Our language teachers are available in the Library every Tuesday and Thursday from 3.15pm - 4.15pm.

Students in Years 7-12 can work with these teachers on language conversation practice.

Loreto Academy

 Loreto Academy complements the School's Core Academic program and develops independent and capable intellectuals who will leave Loreto Toorak ready to be leading thinkers, innovators and achievers of their generation. 

Open to all students entering Years 10 and 11 in 2022, and facilitated by Loreto Toorak subject experts, Loreto Academy is a suite of rich learning experiences to extend student curiosity in an area not ordinarily covered in our school learning programs at such depth.  

Loreto Academy 2022

Mandeville Mentors 

The Mandeville Mentors Program plays a key role in supporting student learning across Years 5-12. Mandeville Mentors are high-achieving, recently graduated Loreto Toorak students who are employed to provide specialist tutoring for students. This program is an after-school opportunity which is held from 3.30pm - 7.00pm Monday to Friday and provides a variety of academic enrichment opportunities to students. Students can pre-book their sessions. 


Your Voice. Eyes Open.

Your Voice. Eyes Open. is a collaborative literacy program between Loreto Toorak and Xavier College and is open to interested students in Years 5-12. Our two schools bring together aspiring writers, poets, artists, musicians and actors to participate and contribute to this cross-school, cross-age initiative. Students select from a suite of rich workshops with a creative focus that allows for deep reflection and creativity.

The purpose of this collaboration is to provide students from both schools the opportunity to develop and express their creative skills and present their perspective on the topic through a chosen creative outlet. Students select to participate in Your Voice. Eyes Open. individually, or collaboratively on a joint submission.

The following volume is a collection of creative reflections from aspiring writers, poets, artists, musicians and actors that highlights the issues and values that are important to young people of all ages in 2022.


Space School

Space School is developed for girls who have a good imagination, a spirit of exploration, and a sense of creativity and runs for two-weeks. As a member of the Alliance of Girls' School Australasia (AGSA), our students are invited each year to participate in the combined girls' school expeditions to the USA to attend the HASSE Space School Program at NASA.

This once-in-a-lifetime experience is tailored to develop leaders of the future. It is a fantastic STEM opportunity, aiming to send a group of both junior and senior students from several Alliance member schools, and scheduled to depart in December each year.

Prominent female guest speakers encourage the girls to expand their interests and help discover, face and solve problems they encounter during their time in the HASSE Space School. Some of the outcomes our students gain from the program include the ability to apply management principles in innovative and complex environments, develop critical thinking and problem solving, learn to set and achieve targets, and lead through influence.