Scholarships apply only to tuition fees excluding the IT device/fees, the building levy and any other fees associated with your daughter’s education.

Recipients of scholarships are required to demonstrate a commitment and willingness to participate fully in school activities. There is an expectation that your daughter will maintain a supportive commitment to the School whilst she is a current student and during her Alumnae years. It is a requirement that scholarship recipients if asked will promote/provide testimonials to advertise the scholarship program during and post their schooling at Loreto Toorak.

Music scholarship recipients are encouraged to undertake Music, as an elective subject and VCE Music Performance at Years 11 and/or 12.

Scholarships are conditional on satisfactory progress, including diligent endeavour and achievement in your daughter’s particular field of excellence. Adherence to the School’s Terms and Conditions as attached will be mandatory. In the event of non-compliance to the specifics mentioned above, the School reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship at any time.

If a scholarship recipient leaves the School prior to completing the term of the scholarship and transfers to another school, Loreto Toorak reserves the right to seek reimbursement of the value of tuition fees granted to the scholarship recipient under this agreement.

A student may not hold more than one scholarship at Loreto Toorak and this offer takes the place of any other concessions or scholarships that may previously have applied.

The financial arrangement of the scholarship must be kept in strict confidence.

A vacancy will not be held for a new student who is unable to commence at the beginning of the School year, or for a student who is already in the School and who leaves for an extended period of time due to pressure on student places. These students will, however, be given priority for any vacancy upon their arrival/return, subject to a place being available.

Please note that a family seeking an absolute guarantee that a place will be held for their daughter is required to pay full fees while the place is held. For example, if entry into Year 7 from Semester 2 is required, parents would pay the full Semester 1 fees in order to hold the place until their daughter has commenced School.

Students must either be Australian citizens or holders of a Resident Visa at the time of application. If you are uncertain as to the status of your visa, please contact the school to confirm your eligibility.

The appropriate Year Level for students coming from overseas will be determined based on academic assessment by Loreto Toorak staff prior to confirmation of enrolment or where necessary, by an outside provider.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions