Year 11 Chemistry

The day-to-day learning in Science continues to engage and inspire all Loreto Toorak students and is reinforced by our high-quality teachers who encourage excellence and challenge our students.

In Years 7 and 8 all students study Mathematics and Science which forms part of STEM in these year levels. In Year 9, Digital Technologies is also introduced, along with an extensive range of Science elective subjects catering for a diverse range of talents, ambitions, and interests available in Year 10.  

Throughout the academic year, our students will engage in many challenges, competitions, and camps to further their Science education. Students often work on group projects to present at state-wide events, and are frequently acknowledged for having achieved much success.

The Loreto Toorak annual STEM Week is always a fun extravaganza. Each year we invite fascinating engineers, scientists, and other professionals from various institutes to run workshops that engage our students.

Year 12 Chemistry