“What does love look like? It has the hands to help others.” Saint Augustine

There are many opportunities to gather in times of celebration and joy, however we are also often in the position to offer support and comfort to each other in times of difficulty and sadness. This nurturing of each other, and this sincere demonstration of compassion for each other, has been a constant and significant part of our tradition.

The Loreto Support program is sustained by our generous and caring School community, and builds on the tradition of lived pastoral care, by formalising the many spontaneous and important gestures of goodwill that already exist within our networks.

We invite assistance in several roles and different capacities including preparing meals, assisting with domestic duties, visitations or even car-pooling. A database of volunteers is maintained and discreetly managed for the purposes of the program only. It is hoped that our community will be generous in supporting this initiative, thereby ensuring that the duties are shared widely and able to be managed by the pool of volunteers.

If you would be interested in offering your assistance as a volunteer in the Loreto Support program, please share your details with Kirsty Davidson, Engagement Officer (Kirsty.davidson@loretotoorak.vic.edu.au).