Untitled is a series of fine pencil drawings by Melbourne Artist Peter Davidson have been reproduced and installed over four feature windows within the Clendon Centre. 

This is the first time Davidson’s work has been realised on a large scale and offers a new way to experience his work, says gallerist Daine Singer. Drawing Untitled #487, is viewed from the ground floor above the tiered teaching space. Drawings Untitled #587 and Untitled #597 are installed on Level 1 and viewed from the central corridor space. 

Clearly inspired by architecture, Davidson applies a faint pen and pencil line to white paper. These delicate lines move our eye around the simple white sheet of paper. The drawings have tension and form but the over-riding design is simple. The four large-scale window works have energy and a quiet grandeur. The composition of flowing, jagged and curved movements glide over the glass window surface and take our vision for a ride.  
Drawing 3

Drawing 1

Drawing 2 

Untitled 587, 597, 487, 2017
Pencil and pen drawings
White paper, 30cm W x 20cm H
Reproduced on clear vinyl using white ink
3m H x 3.865 W x 4 windows

Peter Davidson is represented by Daine Singer Gallery, Melbourne