Big Words – FREE TO DREAM is an art installation by Rose Nolan. In her art, Nolan considers not only the words she selects but the space in which her words are placed. 

Nolan says, “This installation draws on the power of an artwork to both transform, and be transformed by the space in which it is placed. The transformation brings attention to the way in which an artwork can function as a prompt for engagement and as an invitation to students to participate in a collective activity. In this context, to be ‘free to dream’ is both a privilege and responsibility; an invitation to consider the challenges, joys and adventures that lie ahead in each student’s journey.” 

Nolan has also considered how we may read these words. She constructs unique letters from a series of red geometric shapes. Sometimes, Nolan turns specific letters sideways, possibly to provide a pause for the viewer. 

Big Words – FREE TO DREAM offers an open, optimistic and daring text-based proposition for viewers to consider. As a series of connected words, they encourage a sense of hope, adventure and spontaneity; of future thinking that transcends the bounds of time and physical space. 

Free to dream

Big Words – FREE TO DREAM, 2021
Acrylic paint on wall surface (installation)
2.83m H x 16.6m L
Private commission

Rose Nolan is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne