Alumnae Centenary Mass and Garden Party


The Centenary Celebrations at Loreto Toorak commenced in February with our Alumnae Centenary Mass and Garden Party.

As the day dawned on 11 February, the verdant hues of St Michael’s Green looked pristine in readiness for our guests’ arrival later that day. Outdoor furniture and market umbrellas were positioned to provide comfortable seating and much-needed shade. Just around the corner, at St Peter’s Church in Toorak, our Alumnae greeted old friends as they filed into the pews, expectantly and happily waiting to be blessed by the beautiful Mass, led by Fr Brendan Byrne.

Following Mass, with the temperature rising, our Alumnae trod the short distance to the School grounds for the Garden Party. Refreshing bottles of water floated on ice; canapes and drinks were offered throughout the afternoon whilst our guests spent time reminiscing about their school days and remarking on the changes to the site over time. The historic and stunning Mandeville Hall was both the backdrop to this Centenary event and the constant, unchanging element to our School, provoking conversations, memories and laughter. During the Garden Party, our Music Ensembles provided dulcet tones and a rich ambience and, despite the heat of the day, a great time was had by all who attended.

We are immensely proud of our School and of each member of the community who has walked the hallways and grounds over the past 100 years. Our Centenary celebrations are a wonderful reminder to us to pause for thought and reflection, and mark this achievement with a sense of pride, accomplishment and gratitude. Mother Gonzaga Barry said, “Leave after you something on which others can build.” At Loreto Toorak, we strive to do this each day in providing a Loreto education for our students, in employing high calibre staff, and in nurturing our broader Alumnae community. Over the course of this day, we were thrilled to hear the joyous journeys taken by our Alumnae over the years and delighted to learn that each one, in their own way, is endeavouring to follow in Gonzaga Barry’s footsteps.