Performing Arts at Loreto Toorak provides great inspiration and enrichment for the students. The program gifts students with practical and communication skills that can be applied to life beyond school.



Music is a rich and diverse component of the Loreto Toorak education. 

All students study classroom Music in Year 7. From Year 8 to VCE, Music becomes an elective subject.

Theatre Studies

All students in Year 7 undertake Theatre Studies as part of their core curriculum. In Years 8-10, Theatre Studies is available as an elective, and continues as a VCE subject in Years 11-12.

Theatre Studies students collaborate with peers and professional practitioners to enhance their knowledge of a variety of theatrical forms. Through engagement in theatrical production processes, playscript interpretation and performance analysis, students develop their aesthetic sensitivity, interpretive skills, critical and creative thinking abilities, as well as their communication, design, technological and management knowledge.