Owl of Minerva

Owl of Minerva is a sculpture created by leading Australian artist, Emily Floyd, and is exhibited in the front entry space of the Clendon Centre, representing elements of the Loreto Toorak vision. 

Floyd has created a grand and yet playful artwork. The owl stands tall and acts as an emblem of knowledge, wisdom and insight and leads us forward carrying a golden lantern with a gentle light of hope. The large rounded forms of the owl provide a welcoming embrace as you enter the centre. The subtle etched eyes and the whimsical touch of soft yellow on the owl’s beak speak of felicity and a sense of calm contentment. 

History tells us that Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, music, poetry, medicine, commerce and the arts. The goddess Minerva would carry with her ‘a little owl’, her sacred creature as a symbol of knowledge. This owl was known as the owl of Minerva. 

Owl of Minerva, 2019  
Owl: cast aluminium, two-part epoxy paint
Lantern: cast and fabricated aluminium, lighting insert
150 x 130.65 x 99.7wcm
Edition AP (artist proof) 1 of 3

Emily Floyd is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne