The Loreto Aquatic Swim Club is a registered Swimming Victoria Swim Club that offers squad training to students from Junior to National levels.

Our program is open to members external to the Loreto Toorak community, and we welcome new students to the program beyond our immediate student body.

Through our club, we strive to develop a swimming program that allows every young person to find a passion, be challenged and engage in swimming.

Loreto Aquatic Swimmer at GSV Finals Evening 2023

Squad Descriptions and Criteria

Our club offers several squads that are designed to meet the needs and goals of the participating athletes.

This squad is aimed at swimmers who compete in a multitude of sports throughout the year but still enjoy swim training and competing on occasions. The squad is suitable for athletes who enjoy school swimming or want to cross train for other sports.

Development Squad is designed for athletes aged 9–12 who have shown the commitment required of an aspirational swimmer.

State Target Squad is designed for athletes aged 10–13 who have shown a desire to make swimming their primary sport.

National Age Squad is designed for athletes aged 12–13 who have shown an ability to train, commit and compete to a national level.

Training Schedules

Training times and days will vary depending on the squad in which the athlete is placed. On making an enquiry, we are happy to explore training times and days in more detail.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about availability in the program, please email or phone (03) 8290 7801.