Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak is an Australian public company, limited by guarantee and governed by a School Board.

Correspondence for the School Board should be directed to the Company Secretary. Contact email:

The School maintains a register of interested candidates for the Board and Committees and refers to this register when a position becomes available. Should you be interested in volunteering for a position please send a brief summary of your interest and skills together with a resume to the Company Secretary.

Note to Parents for Expressions of Interest in Finance and Property: The Board is conscious of diversity requirements of committees and is expressly looking for women with required skills in Finance and Property fields. Please contact the Business Manager to register your interest.

Loreto Toorak Board Members:

Louis Chiam - Chair of School Board

Louis is a partner at law firm Allens, where he specialises in renewable energy, infrastructure, and climate change, acting for a range of private sector and government clients.  An alumnus of Xavier College and the University of Melbourne, Louis is father to two Loreto Toorak graduates.

Louis has been a School Board Member since 2018 and Board Chair since 2021.  He has held several other not-for-profit board positions, including with ER Law, the Energy and Resources Law Association, and Asialink, based at the University of Melbourne.

David Boyle - Chair of IT Committee and Risk and Compliance Committee

As a Partner at Ernst and Young, David is focused on helping organisations achieve significantly higher returns from their IT dollar through transformation of the IT and Change teams, improved governance, and the development of modern, agile, and fit-for-purpose strategies. David is passionate and transformational leader driving bottom line results through smarter use of technology and building high performance, agile IT teams. He has led significant change as a consultant for 17 years with Accenture and EY, and in financial services with Commonwealth and National Australia Banks. Some highlights include leading the four-year transformation of NAB's technology organisation into a high-performance team powering the digitisation of banking services for customers, and the design and implementation of new IT operating models for three of Australia's financial services organisations.

Kate Collins (née Kavanagh) - Chair of Engagement Committee

Kate has been with The Walt Disney Company for 12 years. She is Head of Communications, Government Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility and Live Entertainment for Disney in Australia and New Zealand. Kate is a key member of the Executive Leadership team and is part of the Executive team leading Diversity and Inclusion for the company.  As well, Kate has over 25 years of experience in marketing, product management, change management, communications and corporate social responsibility working for global blue-chip companies. Kate has a Master of Marketing from Monash University and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is the mother of two children, one of which is a current student at Loreto Toorak.

Lesley Gillespie, OAM - Board Member

Lesley, along with her husband Roger, are founders of Bakers Delight, a 670-plus bakery franchise network across four countries: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. Community involvement has been important, and over the years Lesley has been involved in many community activities ranging from serving on school boards to chairing advisory committees at Swinburne and Monash universities. In 2019 Lesley was asked to join the Board of the Australian Business Growth Fund. Lesley’s accomplishments include 2014 Champion of Entrepreneurship at the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Southern Region awards and Honorary Doctorates from both Swinburne University of Technology (2018) and Monash University (2021).

John Lincoln - Chair of Property Committee

John comes to the School Board with a wealth of property expertise having spent over 30 years in the industry. John has covered all disciplines, from property management, operations and maintenance to construction and the development of major projects. Today, John runs his own development company and consultancy business offering services in all aspects of property management and development. As part of his consultancy practice, John consults private schools and universities on their masterplan, development and construction needs. While at Loreto Toorak, John has been a key team member in the development of the Mandeville Centre, Winifred Square, Crescent Theatre, and the new Clendon Centre.

Annette Wiltshire - Board Member

Annette is a lawyer with substantial legal, policy, regulatory, compliance and governance experience across the Victorian government, including the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, WorkSafe, the Department of Transport, the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and the Department of Justice. She has extensive experience providing high quality, timely and strategic legal and policy advice to Ministers and senior executives across a wide range of areas, including general corporate, commercial, environmental, administrative, constitutional, occupational health and safety, litigation, governance and risk management issues. Annette holds a Master of Public Policy and Master of Environmental Law, specialising in climate change and sustainability law.

Risk and Compliance Committee:

Mr David Boyle (Chair)
Mr Vito Giudice
Ms Pip Murphy
Mr Will Walford
Ms Angela O'Dwyer (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Felicity Ferdinands (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Lisa Davenport (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Catherine Maimone Crowhurst (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Alexeena Murphy (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Sylvia Tossoun (Loreto Toorak)

Finance Committee:

Mr Louis Chiam (Chair)
Mr Brett Mitsch
Mr Matthew McNee
Mr Nigel Simonsz
Mr Andrew Tanner
Ms Angela O'Dwyer (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Alexeena Murphy (Loreto Toorak)
Mr Seamus Scorgie (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Sylvia Tossoun (Loreto Toorak)

Property Committee:

Mr John Lincoln (Chair)
Ms Louise Munro
Mr Andre Noonan
Mr Carlo Vaccari
Ms Angela O'Dwyer (Loreto Toorak)
Mr Adrian Flanagan (Loreto Toorak)
Mr Gavin Nelson (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Sylvia Tossoun (Loreto Toorak)

Investment Committee:

Mr Andrew Tanner (Chair)
Mr Louis Chiam
Mr Chris Pidcock
Ms Angela O'Dwyer (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Sylvia Tossoun (Loreto Toorak)

IT Committee:

Mr David Boyle (Chair)
Mr Chris Apostolou
Mrs Angela Colantuono
Ms Angela O’Dwyer (Loreto Toorak)
Mr Chris Karopolous (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Alexeena Murphy (Loreto Toorak)
Mr Seamus Scorgie (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Sylvia Tossoun (Loreto Toorak)

Nominations Committee:

Mr Louis Chiam (Chair)
Ms Kate Collins (née Kavanagh)
Ms Annette Wiltshire
Ms Angela O'Dwyer (Loreto Toorak)

Engagement Committee:

Ms Kate Collins (née Kavanagh) (Chair)
Ms Jacquie Blackwell
Ms Stefanie Bradley
Ms Helen Gannon
Dr Lesley Gillespie
Mr Michael Venus
Ms Angela O'Dwyer (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Melindy Green (Loreto Toorak)
Ms Judy Reid (Loreto Toorak)