Theatre Studies/Drama


Theatre is one of the oldest and most influential of art forms. It brings people together through the telling of stories, enabling participants to combine interpersonal skills with intrapersonal awareness. At Loreto Toorak, the Theatre Studies program provides great inspiration and enrichment for students. It gifts them with practical and communication skills that can be applied to life beyond the class room.

All students in Year 7 undertake Theatre Studies as part of the Core curriculum. In Years 8 –10 it can be selected as an elective, and as a VCE subject in both Years 11 and 12. Theatre Studies students collaborate with peers and professional practitioners to enhance their knowledge of a variety of theatrical forms. Through engagement in theatrical production processes, playscript interpretation and performance analysis, students develop their aesthetic sensitivity, interpretive skills, critical and creative thinking abilities, as well as their communication, design, technological and management knowledge.

In both the curricular and extensive co-curricular program at Loreto Toorak, students have a range of exciting opportunities to learn about theatre practices and they are encouraged to be ambitious and professional in their approach and outcomes. The authentic experience of creating theatre and presenting it to an audience can be transformational for students and is often a highlight of their time at school.

The Theatre Studies Productions Program also includes the following:

  • Performing Arts Festival – involving all students from Years 7-12
  • Winter and Spring Plays with Xavier College

Senior and Middle School Musicals with St Kevin’s College

  • Years 7 and 8 Play
  • Year 9 Play
  • Design and Stage Crew – offering students the opportunity to develop production skills
  • Past pupil involvement in productions – in design, direction, and stage-management