13 Sep 2022

Felicitations les filles!

We congratulate our VCE French students who recently participated in the Berthe Mouchette Competition. The annual French competition, which imitates the Year 12 examination, consists of oral (listening, reading, speaking) and writing components. We are extremely happy to announce we have many finalists for the oral component of the competition.

Year 11 Finalists Berthe Mouchette Competition
Year 11 Finalists Emma Guthrie, Ella Lechte, Ria Srivastava, and Thea Wilson

Year 12 Finalists Berthe Mouchette Competition
Year 12 Finalists Lucy Tuckwell, Amelia Pastore, and Brigitte Batagol (absent)

Year 11 Finalist
Ria Srivastava is also a finalist in the written component of the competition.