28 May 2024
Cultivating Connections: Introducing 'Piazza Pals' and Teddy Bears Picnic Day

Loreto Toorak proudly introduced the 'Piazza Pals' program, designed to foster connections between our Preparatory and Year 1 students. Each Preparatory student is paired with a buddy from Year 1, and together, they meet weekly to participate in different workshops and play together. This initiative has proved to be a wonderful way to expand friendships and strengthen bonds between different year levels. We have also used these sessions to implement the URSTRONG program, which introduces students to a common language for friendship through interactive and engaging activities.

   2024 Teddybear Picnic 4    2024 Teddybear Picnic 5

Our Preparatory and Year 1 students recently came together to enjoy a special Teddy Bears Picnic Day as part of our Piazza Pals program. The highlight of the day was a delightful visit from our Centenary Teddy Bears, and we are excited to announce that members of our community will have the opportunity to purchase one of these limited edition Centenary Bears at the upcoming Loreto Centenary Gala Ball.

2024 Teddybear Picnic 4    2024 Teddybear Picnic 2