11 Jun 2024
Introduction to Young Engineers Program at Loreto Toorak

The Young Engineers program at Loreto Toorak offers an exciting opportunity for students in Rathfarnham from Preparatory – Year 6 to delve into the world of advanced engineering and robotics. As an extra-curricular enrichment program, Young Engineers provides students with hands-on learning experiences using Lego kits, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and a passion for STEM subjects.

During after-school sessions, students engage in interactive activities where they explore real-world problems and work collaboratively to design, build, and program prototypes. By immersing themselves in projects like building motorised skateboards and programming them to respond to tilt sensors, students gain both practical skills and a deeper understanding of STEM concepts.

We are proud to offer this enriching opportunity to our students and look forward to nurturing more budding engineers in the years to come.