Anonda Bell - Class Of 1987

Anonda Bell 


There are two leaders who Anonda Bell distinctly remembers from her School days: Sister Deirdre Rofe, for her wise temperament and penchant for wearing a Big Boss emblazoned sweatshirt on ‘civvies’ days, and Ms Maning, for her quick wit and expansive knowledge base. Whilst at Loreto Toorak, Anonda felt supported and stimulated, both academically and artistically, and recalls many early mornings in the Art room, located upstairs in the Stables.

After leaving School, Anonda embarked on further education and global travel. She undertook two Undergraduate Degrees; a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting and Printmaking) at RMIT University, and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and English), University of Melbourne. Following, Anonda completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Tourism and Museum Management from the University of Melbourne, and a Masters in Fine Arts at Monash University.

Whilst studying curatorial work at the University of Melbourne, Anonda had a voluntary placement at Bendigo Art Gallery that led to her first role as Curatorial Assistant. From there she became Curator of Projects at the NGV before moving to the United States.

Anonda is currently the Director and Chief Curator of the Paul Robeson Galleries at Rutgers University. Their mission is inspired by the career and life of Paul Robeson, a Rutgers graduate (Law Degree) who worked in Performing Arts, before achieving much acclaim as an activist. He said, “Artists are the gatekeepers of the truth. We are civilizations’ radical voice”; this is integral to Anonda’s planning of exhibitions and associated public education programs, where art is seen not just as reflecting contemporary life, but having power to influence how people experience the world.

Her most significant career achievement to date is being able to combine her life as a Visual Artist with that of an Arts Administrator. These pursuits are intertwined, providing both a priori and a posteriori understanding of the creative process.

A recipient of a 2022 Artist Fellowship from the State of New Jersey, Anonda undertook a Summer Residency, Interdisciplinary Practices in Bio Art, at the School of Visual Arts (New York).

Mary Ward was an inspiration to Anonda, as she committed her life to providing opportunities for women to participate in formal education processes. The right of women to be educated is not something that can ever be taken for granted. 

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