Dominique Spanos - Class Of 2003

Dominique Spanos 


Dominique’s best friends are from her school years at Loreto Toorak. Two of her three bridesmaids at her wedding last year were friends she made at the School. As a student, she loved being part of the Basketball and Rowing teams, being Equestrian Captain and bringing horse-riding to Rathfarnham. Dominique especially loved drama; definite highlights were the PAF and plays with Xavier College in Years 11-12. Her English and Literature teachers, Mrs Bennet and Mrs Thompson, were insightful sounding boards, giving the students life and literary lessons in turn with aplomb.

After leaving Loreto Toorak, Dominique studied a Bachelor of Communications (Media Studies) at RMIT and sought to find a role in the commercial and TV industry as quickly as possible. RMIT had its own student radio and television shows, where Dominique volunteered in different roles, behind and in front of the camera.

Since graduating, Dominique has become a Freelance TV Producer and Post Producer for TV shows including Big Brother, Celebrity Apprentice, My Kitchen Rules, Travel Guides, The Block, House Rules, Parental Guidance, and RBT. Being a freelance TV producer is an incredibly competitive and challenging industry, however with more content being made, it has become easier to get work.

Dominique previously volunteered on the Women In Media Victoria committee, and now based in Sydney, she is involved on the Women in Media New South Wales committee as well. She enjoys supporting other women and thinking of new paths to help women move in and out of the workforce with ease.

Dominique describes herself as a food and drink enthusiast. With her husband, a former professional chef, she is always looking for new bars and restaurants opening in Sydney and Melbourne and, after two years of lockdown, she’s ready to explore the foodie scene.

With an enduring interest in stories, Dominique is always on the lookout for fresh ideas for TV. She would love to create a blockbuster like Underbelly; if there is anyone in the Loreto Toorak community with a juicy, must-tell story or idea, give her a call!

Dominique loved her time at Loreto Toorak. She was given flexibility to try new things and see where her strengths lay. She recalls visiting the Careers office to ask what it took to become a spy, and instead of being laughed at, she was given a plan to make it happen. Everyone at Loreto Toorak is there to encourage, whatever your dreams may be.

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