Eliza Lincoln-Price - Class Of 2016

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Eliza is grateful for the opportunities Loreto Toorak offered, especially those that included travelling. She fondly remembers tours to France and Vietnam, and when she gets together with her friends from School, their conversations invariably returns to those remarkable experiences.

After completing Year 12, Eliza studied a Bachelor of Aviation at Swinburne University of Technology. Following the completion of her degree and becoming a qualified commercial pilot, she underwent further study to become a certified flight instructor.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 brought the aviation industry in Australia to a halt. With persistence, Eliza managed to land her first job in the industry as a Flight Instructor at Moorabbin Airport. 

Currently, she is based in Brisbane and employed by Basair Aviation College, the largest flight school in Australia. Being a flight instructor yields many rewarding moments; in particular, Eliza enjoys seeing a student pass a flight test and watching their first solo flights. The feeling of sending a student off to fly, as well as witnessing their joy and excitement when they return, is unrivalled. Eliza's future goals include moving overseas to gain a seat in a regional airline.

Loreto Toorak provided Eliza with the necessary tools to achieve her career and life goals. Importantly, those tools are not only theory-based but also the transferable skills that shape a person into a great leader, who shows professionalism, care and support to others. 


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